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Decima Solutions is the developer of Hospitality Token. The only token out in the market that enables the issuance and distribution of tokenized securities backed by real assets in the hospitality industry. Decima's goal is to transform investment in the hotel industry through tokenization, leveraging all of the benefits of blockchain technology to increase operational efficiency in fractional ownership and lower the barriers of entry to investment.


How does tokenization work in real estate?


Tokenization, as it pertains to real estate, is the process of creating a virtual token that would represent ownership of a type of real estate asset. This is similar to the recent digital asset craze, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), except a real estate token would be tied to the value of a physical asset.


As tokenization is highly flexible in its usability, the token could represent ownership in real estate in many ways. The overall type of real estate that can be tokenized can vary just like traditional real estate investing; however, tokenization would allow for little third-party input over the investors. As physical assets would back the tokens, the value of the tokens would fluctuate based on the performance of the asset, similar to traditional real estate investing but with the ease of transfer conferred by the utilization of blockchain technology.


Liquidity of real estate

One of the most significant issues with investing and selling real estate is the liquidity of the asset. In the normal course of a transaction, there are many different parties involved, especially with the legal transfer of the asset. Tokenization mitigates this issue in specific situations. As easy as it is to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies in the marketplace, tokenization does simplify transactions in the real estate space. Rather than the normal transfer of the ownership process that takes place when selling a share of ownership in a real estate investment, tokenization cuts out the middleman and allow ownership to be transferred directly from investor to investor.

Searching for property

Another issue encountered when investing in real estate is the actual search for the property in which you will invest. Decima Solutions has partnered with top brokers in the New York area to the due diligence and asset purchase. At the moment all assets will be purchased in the New York Manhattan area. This eases the investor's job by allowing the search for a potential investment to take place in one location by Decima Solutions. ​

Crushing the entry barrier

Assets can now be divided into smaller amounts of ownership, thanks to tokenization. Like Bitcoin, a real estate token can be divided to make the barrier of entry to smaller investors much easier to overcome. Since the transactions will take place in a virtual environment, it also makes it easier to start investing in real estate. Rather than needing legal documents to transfer ownership, someone with little to no experience can make a purchase online. This gives far more people the ability to invest in real estate without going through the daunting legal process of transferring ownership, with which many beginner investors may not be familiar.

Undeniable proof of ownership

Proof of ownership is another issue encountered by traditional real estate investors. Legal ownership is usually displayed through various legal documents that show the sale of the asset and the ownership rights of the new investor. Tokenization utilizes the distributed ledger system, just like cryptocurrencies. A distributed ledger is a database that is consensually shared and synchronized across multiple sites and accessible by multiple people. Any changes or additions made to the ledger are reflected and copied to all participants in a matter of seconds. Each transaction is sent and validated by the network that makes up the marketplace. This feature of blockchain technology mitigates any issue arising from various ownership claims because the network could validate each transaction and show the rightful owner of the asset.

Improving transparency and market security

Utilizing the distributed ledger system not only helps mitigate the issue with undeniable proof of ownership but also helps improve overall transparency and security in the real estate market. Considering that every transaction will be processed and approved by other users in the marketplace, each transaction will be transparent to the public. In addition, the security of the market will be backed by blockchain technology, which has proven to be extremely secure when treated as currency. This application of the technology will be just as secure as it will be utilizing the same technology to process transactions of investments.

Decreasing transaction costs

The use of blockchain technology platforms for exchanging tokens will have the potential to greatly lower transaction costs associated with real estate. Real estate investment trust (“REIT”) funds propose a similar value proposition, but REIT funds often come with high minimum investments and upfront fees. Tokens allow investors to buy and sell real estate without incurring the traditional closing costs on real estate, which lead to significantly lower transaction costs.


The tokenization of real estate assets is becoming an increasingly popular sector of investment activity. Real estate tokenization is a promising application of blockchain technology that will increase the investor base by increasing liquidity in the market, because it allows for more small-scale investor participation. This value proposition is particularly needed in real estate as the market for real estate is more valuable than any other asset class in the world, yet it remains highly illiquid. Tokens are the next phase in the development of blockchain technologies, allowing investors to move from highly speculative cryptocurrencies without collateral to asset-backed tokens. As the amount of functioning secondary markets for real estate tokens grows, the adoption of this investment platform will continue to grow as well, which will help the real estate market continue to thrive.


The best combination of professional partnership to manage every detail of the project.


Omar Palacios

Principal & Founder

Omar has over 25 years of accounting, operational and senior management experience in a variety of industries. Omar has completed 5 years of college education, starting at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah, and JFK University in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a major in accounting and economics science.

Geoffrey Mills

GAM Hospitality / Strategic Partner

Hotel Management Company for Tokenized Assets (
We are your next Hotel Management Company. Focused on maximizing your ROI and leading your ownership group to better financial results. GAM Hospitality is a trusted partner to hotel owners, developers and investors.

Frank Yoder


Life long career in software development with emphasis in Contact Center industry, Financial Industry, Retail industry, QSR industry, Convenience Store industry, and others. I have recently overseen the design, development, and implementation of the UI/UX & automated payment processing in POS systems, self-ordering kiosks.

Oddles Technologies

Our Developer Partner

Why did we choose Oodles Technology?

Oodles Technology is one of the most reputable and competent developers in the world. They have an impressive portfolio and services offerings that will help Hospitality Token, not only achieve all of our technology developments, but will assist us all the way in our future to innovate and continue to produce technology and utility for our token.


Decima Solutions, LLC offers an opportunity to own Hospitality Tokens, however, it does not take into consideration factors such as your trading experience, personal objectives, and goals, financial means, or risk tolerance. If you have any concerns, it is suggested that you seek advice from a professional financial advisor. Keep in mind that past performance is no indication of future results.

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